Transnomis Solutions Inc. is a Toronto-based technology company.

We have been developing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) since 2007. Before that, our CEO developed and managed Toronto’s traffic information system.

We specialize in cost-effective software and hardware solutions for a range of current and emerging transportation challenges. We have worked with automated signs and sensor systems. We have developed comprehensive situational awareness systems found in provincial and municipal operations centers. We also offer solutions to manage and communicate road issues, events and permits.

We have deployed solutions to client servers, our servers, third party servers, the cloud, and combinations of the above.

Many of the solutions we have deployed are adaptations of a comprehensive ITS system we’ve been building for the last ten years. In 2017, we launched our off-the-shelf hosted services:

  • Municipal511 is configured for small to medium sized municipalities, the construction companies that serve them, the utilities that work on their roads, and railways. The solution includes a public facing website at
  • Responder511 was configured to overcome road obstruction information challenges that emergency response organizations face every call, every day.

Whether it be a custom, configured or off-the-shelf solution you need, we would be pleased to discuss it with you.