County Unveils Municipal511 Website

If major flooding takes place across Renfrew County this spring, residents will be able to consult a unique provincial website to find out what areas have been effected and what roads to avoid.

The Municipal 511 website, which was utilized during the 2017 floods, is a new web-based tool that provides officials and residents with information on major incidents, planned events, road restrictions, car accidents, construction zones, flooding, and emergency access points. Now the county is sharing this software with its lower-tier members.

“We are trying to get information out there and make it as user-friendly as possible,” said director of public works and engineering Steve Boland during a presentation to County council last month. “We want to make information available on a simple platform for the public to access easily.”

Powered by Transnomis Solutions, the website is also available for the smart phone and tablet. In addition, first responders can access the online tool from their emergency vehicles. The platform shows a ma of the province, however, it allows users to look at specific counties, municipalities, or larger areas.

Users can click icons that will indicate a closure, construction, or other limitations. For the driving public they can then adjust their plans. The site will receive information from the county’s operations staff, as well as from municipal public works departments, explained Boland. The county can update the site depending on construction, road closures, or flooding on county-owned roads, while municipalities will have the same ability for their own roads.

“When we issue a notice to municipalities about construction, it will show up on the map,” he said. “This is moving the yardstick forward in technology and the ease of applying technology.”

The site can give details at certain locations. For road issues, it can identify restrictions, such as low overhead or bridge load limits or seasonal road restrictions. During the spring/summer construction season, the site can also post when a planned closure will begin and end. It will also announce if a road or a highway is being detoured around a major vehicle accident.

Source: Chase, Sean. “County Unveils Municipal511 Website.” Pembroke Observer, 5 Apr. 2018,