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Award Winning Transnomis

Award Winning

Advanced Traffic Management Solutions
for Road Authorities

Software for Traffic Communications, Road Permits, and More.


Build smarter, safer, and more connected communities

Easily Manage Traffic and Share Road Information

Our advanced traffic management systems help local governments better manage traffic and road incidents through streamlined communication and improved digital processes. 


Whether it's traffic signal systems, smart work zone, Road Weather Information System (RWIS), or road permitting, we're here for you.


Serving municipalities and road authorities in the US and Canada

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  • uc of stormont
  • lanark county
  • Grey County - Pink
  • dufferin county

Why Transnomis?


Trusted and Relied on by Municipalities and Road Authorities


Founded in 2007, Transnomis offers mature and reliable solutions trusted by organizations to alleviate traffic-related issues. We design our solutions prioritizing our customers' needs, incorporating their feedback directly into our technology development.


Experts in Integration of Systems and Processes


Transnomis excels in integrating road and traffic related business systems and processes, delivering holistic solutions adept at tackling diverse issues effectively. Our forward-thinking approach enables adaptability for future tech advancements.


Customer Experience Is King


Centered on an exceptional customer experience, our team, well-versed in municipal processes and steeped in creativity, garners deep trust from our clients from providing responsive support and addressing their needs. Ask us for a referral, we'd be happy to connect you!


A Digitized Government for the Modern World

Municipalities of all sizes should digitize to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of services, improving citizen engagement, data and communications management, and decision-making processes. 
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