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ITS Central

ITS Central is Transnomis' flagship software package.  It seamlessly integrates internal systems, field traffic control devices, traffic data, and external data sources into a map-centric intelligent traffic management system (ITS). 



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Smartphones & Tablets 


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ITS Central can be scaled up or down - from a small stndalone solution, to a large scale advanced traffic management solution (ATMS).


We offer add-on modules and off-the-shelf solutions to meet your needs today, and we're continuously expanding to meet your needs in the future:


Incident and construction event management


Variable message sign control & automation


Permit processing and approvals


 Public website and social media output


 CCTV Cameras


Traffic volume database


Vehicle sensor integration


Queue detection


Road weather information

border crossing management

Border crossing management


Travel time tracking and display


Traffic signal control & monitoring

ITS Project Highlights


Advanced Traffic Management System
City of Loveland, Colorado

Loveland’s Advanced Traffic Management System, utilizing ITS Central, integrates traffic control and incident management with a public info portal. This centralized platform aggregates data from various sources, like traffic cameras and weather stations, onto a map-based UI, facilitating efficient traffic and device management. It enhances road safety and efficiency, soon to expand with a public travel information portal. LEARN MORE

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RoDARS Central
City of Toronto, Ontario

Transnomis is working with City of Toronto on RoDARS Central, which will enable utility and construction companies to schedule road disruptions. This system will streamline approval processes, reduce traffic disruptions, and provide context such as nearby events. It will allow online fee payment and application tracking, aiding city staff in decision-making by considering the impacts on traffic, signals, and pedestrians. LEARN MORE


Maintenance Awareness Platform
City of Toronto, Ontario

Toronto's Maintenance Awareness Platform (MAP), developed by Black & McDonald and Transnomis, won second place in the Engineering Project of the Year. It's a web app for managing traffic device maintenance, integrating with the ITS Central system. MAP records issues, tracks contractor progress, and notifies operators automatically of device errors. It supports various traffic devices and includes innovative sub-projects like semi-automated sign messaging, radar integration, and remote traffic center operation for emergencies. LEARN MORE

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Ready to integrate your systems?

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