Municipal511 is a low-cost web application for communicating road information to the public and/or authorities more effectively.

The solution was developed for use by municipal public works officials, utilities and railways, who currently communicate their road obstructions by email, fax and phone only. These legacy communications channels are not meeting the needs of the public, transporters, emergency responders, etc. who need to see the obstructions on a map.

Municipal511 offers authorities the opportunity to have their road information presented to the public on a map (see and through Twitter (e.g. @Municipal511_YourRegion). Additionally, or alternatively, road information published in Municipal511 can be published to authorities only, where it can be viewed with other authority only road information, and open road content collected by Transnomis (see Responder511).

For emergency response agencies struggling to summarize and relay information (received by email, fax and phone) to your responders, Municipal511 in combination with Responder511 is your ideal solution!

Municipal511 Features
  • Road issue management
  • Map and list views
    • Your issues
    • Other Municipal511 “authority only” content
    • Open road information captured by Transnomis
    • Real time traffic flow
  • Communications
    • Public channels
      • Public web map (see
      • Regional Twitter address (e.g. @Municipal511_NameOfRegion)
    • Authority channel
Municipal511 Options

Transnomis offers many off-the-shelf enhancements tor Municipal511, including a more comprehensive issue management solution and push notification (by email, fax, SMS, voice) to your contacts and distribution lists. A dedicated Twitter address (@Municipal511_YourTown) can be followed by your municipality’s webpage and Facebook. The inclusion of your information in open data feeds formatted for popular web maps and navigation systems can result in your content being available in the many channels your stakeholders are using today. Responder511 can serve as a low cost view only option for staff.

Additionally, Transnomis would be pleased to engineer a custom solution to your needs. Transnomis specializes in data integrations with other systems, and comprehensive solutions for public works (see Mirasan).

For more information, email