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Fireside Chat - Regional Municipality of Durham
Integrating Road Information, Permits, and Intelligent Transportation

In an era where regions are rapidly evolving, the pressing question arises: how should they strategically address their transportation technology needs?

Many municipalities, in their quest for modernization, often find themselves entangled in a web of disparate systems - a consequence of purchasing devices and software without a long-term, integrated vision. This fragmented approach results in inefficient communication between systems, leading to data loss, historical gaps, and an increased burden on staff to reconcile information.  

The session features Dave Dankmeyer, a seasoned Project Manager of Traffic Management and ITS at the Regional Municipality of Durham. With over three decades of experience, Dave has witnessed firsthand the transformation of Durham. This webinar offers a rare opportunity to delve into Durham's journey of addressing its growing needs for device integration, effective data management, issue tracking, public traveler information dissemination, construction permit handling, and more, over the past decade.  

Dave will share insights from Durham's journey, shedding light on best practices and strategies for managing transportation technology needs effectively. This session will offer valuable guidance as well as a chance for you to ask questions on planning for the future as your municipality expands and evolves.   


  • The Journey – Adapting to growing needs
  • Modular Approach – Adding software modules seamlessly
  • Lessons Learned – A candid exploration of successes and challenges
  • Key Insights and Future Directions – Navigating the road ahead
  • Q&A with Dave – Engage directly with our expert! 

Speaker Bio


Dave Dankmeyer

Project Manager. Traffic Management and ITS

Dave holds the position as Project Manager with the Region of Durham’s Traffic Engineering & Operations Division with 35 years of experience in road design, traffic management and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions. Dave’s is responsible for overseeing all functions within the Traffic Management and ITS group including Advanced Traffic Management Systems, Traffic Management Centre operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems initiatives and Capital Modernization Programs related to various traffic signal equipment.

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